Meet Dr. Gillespie and his work

Dr. Gillespie had already a website with a lot of great content that were lost in time. He, and most of all, his clients, deserved a long-awaited lifting. To find out about his therapies and courses for newborns, kids and adults you can now browse the with ease.





All For The Kids

Refreshing logo and header images brought some light into the space. Adding heartwarming photos to the slider completed the welcome section.


About Dr. Gillespie

Even though my only knowing of Dr. Gillespie was through the making of the website, I felt infected by an enormous energy the man has. He's humble, energetic and I would easily trust him with my kid. I wanted the section to be a reflection of that. I created two side ads to highlight his work and his services.


Footer For Directions and Shortcuts

All the necessary information in one place, easy to use.


Welcome to Gillespie Approach

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