Natural Health and Raw Vegan Magazine

This magazine deserves the best. It's editor's mission is to bring peace and health to the world. He needs to be able to speak his message loud and clear to his visitors. Since I started with the web and logo redesign back in 2013 lots of has changed and still is. This magazine is an ever-changing machine keep up with seasonal trends. There will be also another backend update to boost the site's performance!





Valuable Content vs Ads

There's a place for everything. We have a ton of articles, guides, recipes and interviews. Next to all that there are programs and products that require their humble presence. Comfortably nested in strategic places they allow access to the content without being too aggressive.


Natural Health and Raw Vegan Store

Fruit-Powered store offers a variety of books, movies, home appliances and digital material. On top of that there's a sweet selection of merchandise if you fancy a watermelon-themed appron to wear in your kitchen. 

I had a pleasure to work on many Fruit-Powered books and merchandise designs. It was pure fun.


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