The site had to be upgraded visually and functionally for the magazine to work.

Magazine branding and the whole web template were created from scratch. With the Client, we’d work hard to create a modern, online raw food magazine.



With a fresh look and a set of banners, we were good to go.

The magazine constantly evolves as many products, articles and campaigns are being created. I try to meet these demands having in mind the magazine integrity and seasons. The Client has full control over the layout and content placement thanks to a flexible page builder.


A quick look at the Fruit-Powered store

and a few merchandise designs created for the store

Together we often work on making books and infographics

Here’s an example of the raw food recipe book series

For this project, I created print-ready and ebook-format series of books featuring raw food recipes. To complete the project I delivered a set of banners and promo materials.

See more examples

For there’s always something fun to do. Flyers, banners, ads, books, email funnels and campaigns. Here are some examples of my recent work for the magazine.